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correctly building emacs with lucid

From: Filipe Silva
Subject: correctly building emacs with lucid
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:38:48 -0300

Gentleman, I have a successful build script that builds emacs inside a Centos docker container using the gtk toolkit (default)

I changed that now to build emacs with lucid. I've managed to build it. All that I did was: dropping the gtk-devel lib, add the libpng-devel lib and drop a --with-x-toolkit=lucid in the ./configure line.

But here's the problem: I does not recognize the fonts I have in my ~/.fonts (I used fc-cache).

It seems that lucid emacs can only use crappy fonts. What is happening?

Do I have to pass another option to ./configure to get my fonts going? Or maybe I have to install an appropriate library before ./configure?

thanks in advance

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