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Re: comparing code on different branches

From: Tino Calancha
Subject: Re: comparing code on different branches
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 14:17:53 +0900 (JST)
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On Mon, 3 Jul 2017, John Wiegley wrote:

"JH" == Jean-Christophe Helary <address@hidden> writes:

JH> Now, when I test my code modifications, I do eval-buffer etc. But what if
JH> I also want to test what master does to compare the results?

JH> Do I have to go through a stash/checkout/test/checkout stash apply cycle?

If it's just one file, you can use C-x v ~ master RET to open master's version
in another buffer, and then eval-buffer there to compare.
Nice tip! Thanks.
I used to go to the shell for that (less convenient):
M-! git show version:path RET
M-x rename-buffer blah RET

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