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Re: In support of Jonas Bernoulli's Magit

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: In support of Jonas Bernoulli's Magit
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2017 14:49:52 -0400
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>> which might warrant improving the copyright assignment mechanisms.
> I don't think the mechanism, as such, is much of an inconvenience any
> more.  Isn't all the commnication is done digitally now?

I think Phillip's points are very valid: there are still friction
points, *especially* when the one doing the work is not a maintainer.
When I was Emacs maintainer, I'd be advised whenever a new assignment
for Emacs came in and I could easily check existing assignments, so it
was rather painless.  I still have my fencepost.gnu.org account so I can
still easily check existing assignments, but I'm not informed any more
when a new assignment comes in.

In a sense the new process where the communication is all done
electronically has made those remaining friction points more apparent.

> The substantial part of the job is finding those people and asking
> them to please sign.  But it's not terribly hard.

There's also finding who you need to contact, keeping track of the
status, reminding them after a while, ...  maybe it's not *hard* but
it's tedious and it can eat a lot of time.

I really appreciated that Phillip did that work for dash, and
I think in general that's a kind of work that would benefit from being
delegated, but for that we need better access to the copyright.list
database for non-maintainers.


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