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In Support of ELPA

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: In Support of ELPA
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 22:46:36 +0100
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Following on from the emails about magit, I am going to have a go at
getting copyright assignments for it, so that it can be included in
either ELPA or Emacs.

I've already discussed the pain points with the copyright assignment,
but an additional issue is how to get code into ELPA. With dash.el, I
added the dash repo as an "external" branch into ELPA.

I think, though, this is still a bit clunky. I think it would be nice to
add support for MELPA recipes directly in ELPA. This was adding an MELPA
package to ELPA would require simply copying the recipe from MELPA.

Assuming we support only MELPAs git (and github maybe) recipes, this
could be done by either creating a new external branch for ELPA, or
updating an existing branch from downstream. This functionality fits
directly on topic of the existing ELPA code.

Anyone have thoughts? And would any one be interested on adding it, as I
will struggle to do this as well as working on assignments.


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