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Re: Some hard numbers on licenses used by elisp packages

From: Mats Lidell
Subject: Re: Some hard numbers on licenses used by elisp packages
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2017 19:37:02 +0200
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> Jonas Bernoulli writes:

> [...] since some people have offered to help with that, I have now created a
> list of the remaining packages.  There is now a new file,
> licenses-details.org in the epkg-reports [1] repository that contains just
> that.

Thanks. Just what I need. Picking the first ten of that list gives:

achievements    No license    
gap-mode        No license    
ttl-mode        Two-clause BSD licence
riscv-mode      README.md says GPLv3+ but source file lacks license information
zig-mode        No license
airline-themes  No license    
ghc             According to LICENSE file: AGPL3 but files with BSD3 exists
darkane-theme   No license
kpm-list        Home made license!?
google-this     Incomplete GPL license

>From this it looks like manually going through the packages could be the only

Maybe greping through all files in a package looking for the absence of
strings like gpl or license could spot many of the "No license" cases.

> It would however be nice if the people who look into this would also
> contact some authors to encourage them to properly license their code.

Or we could do a centralized effort when we have classified all packages?

What is the motivating factor for the authors who have not assigned any
license to their package? That open source software should be covered bye one
clearly stated open source license?

%% Mats

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