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request for votes for continuous integration system

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: request for votes for continuous integration system
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 10:36:25 -0400
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Reposting as suggested by Dmitry Gutov.

I strongly encourage everyone to look around the Hydra instance we
use today, GitLab, BuildBot, and other CI systems they may know.

>From the responses, here are the criteria for "a helpful CI" as John put it:


* build logs and good notifications
* good platform coverage
* clean builds of all branches+commits and reporting on each one's build
* local replicability of build environment via Docker or VM
* store build artifacts (packages, tarballs, etc.)


* good UI/UX and multiple requests for a Web GUI too
* support special build requests: specific branch, target, test (via web or 

Software and maintainer/company:

* Free software
* probable long-term support; ie they have a solid business plan
* personal logins to comment on builds or specific code

Nice to have:

* pull request awareness (not necessarily PRs in the CI system itself)
* code review capability

In order to keep the evaluation objective, I'll keep out of the voting.
If you just want to vote, please send your votes to me directly by
e-mail. But please feel free to vote and comment here; just make sure
to make it clear that you're voting so I can keep track.

You can vote for multiple CI systems if you think that's a good thing.


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