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Re: line-number-mode at EOB

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: line-number-mode at EOB
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:04:04 -0400
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>> I think if we want to make things consistent with the
>> display-line-numbers, then it's display-line-numbers which should be
>> changed to also display the number on the "non-existing" line after
>> a final LF.
> But there's no line there.

That's a philosophical opinion.
There's enough of a line to display a cursor, apparently.

> Why should we have a number where there's no line?

Because that's what some users expect.
Evidence of this includes the fact that it has been requested for linum,
for nlinum, for display-line-numbers.

I said "some" above because I don't know which proportion of users
expect this behavior.  My guess is that it's closer to "most", but since
I'm among those users, my impression is probably skewed.

Evidence suggests those users can live with the current lack of number
on that non-existing line, so it's not terribly important to fix (which
is also why I haven't bothered to try and change nlinum.el to display
that extra line-number).

But I don't think it warrants promoting this behavior to a feature.


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