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Re: Hanging Tramp tests (was: master 69fb12a: (loadhist-unload-element):

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: Re: Hanging Tramp tests (was: master 69fb12a: (loadhist-unload-element): Move ERT and cl-generic methods)
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:28:23 -0400

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 2:06 PM, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote:
> Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:
>> (It's harder than normal to figure these things out owing to hanging
>> tramp tests.)
> I know :-(
> I've nailed it down to the exact position the test hangs. Or not. It's
> the form starting at line 3809 in tramp-tests.el.
> I have *no* idea yet why it hangs sometimes. And only on hydra. If it
> damages other people's tests too much, I will skip this test on hydra,
> 'tho I really would like to know what's up.
> Comments?

Maybe using an external process would be able to end the hang more
reliably than `with-timeout'?

    (start-process "*watchdog*" nil shell-file-name shell-command-switch
                   (format "sleep 350 ; kill -SIGUSR2 %d" (emacs-pid)))

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