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Re: movemail

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: movemail
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 01:11:11 -0700
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Tim Cross wrote:
Do we have any figures on the percentage of users on different platforms
and of those, how many of them actually need this insecure POP3
functionality?  I would have thought very few users actually need the
movemail feature, especially on non-POSIX systems.

I don't know of any figures. Perhaps we could get a feeling for it by having Emacs warn the user at runtime if movemail is used in POP mode, as this is quite insecure.

why is an insecure
pop3 process the only solution or is it really the only solution because
nobody has put time into a better secure solution?

The latter, in the sense that the "better secure solution" is GNU Mailutils (where people have put in the time). Unfortunately GNU Mailutils has not been ported to MS-Windows.

At some point I suppose we should make --with-mailutils the default, at least on non-MS-Windows hosts that have GNU Mailutils installed.

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