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Re: Interoperation between package managers

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: Interoperation between package managers
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 15:36:20 +0300
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The main benefit of such API would be interoperability between package managers. Since it's just functions you can always wrap them into functions of your own, allowing for complex cases like when you want some package from package.el, then other packages from some other package manager, then other packages from package.el.

Getting rid of package-initialize is a good thing, but it would not be worth it, if it was the only motivation.

Optimizing performance would be a little bit tricky, that's true, so is dealing with autoloads, but this seems to me quite solvable.

Best Regards,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

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