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Re: CEDET Merge

From: Charles A. Roelli
Subject: Re: CEDET Merge
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 13:38:48 +0200

> From: Edward John Steere <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 21:32:36 +0200
> Hello Everyone,
> I've been working on a branch in upstream CEDET which brings it up to
> date with the changes which have been made in Emacs core.  I started
> this work with the intention of simplifying the merge process from CEDET
> upstream into core so that users can benefit from improvements to CEDET
> more easily.  I found that the divergence between the two versions of
> CEDET has grown quite a bit and all of my work has been dedicated to
> getting it to run on Emacs master (26?).
> My branch now passes all of CEDETs tests when built against Emacs
> @512e988.  I'd like to get these changes synchronised with Emacs core
> and have my branch merged to upstream (i.e. CEDET on source forge).
> This could be the first step with the second being a repackaging of
> upstream so that it only contains the parts which are under active
> development and can be installed via ELPA.
> May I contribute my changes to a branch on the Savannah repository for
> review/commentary?  (If yes, then It'll take a little bit of time to
> merge the changes in my branch of CEDET back into Emacs core before I
> actually push them up.)
> Kind regards,
> Edward Steere

Does anyone know if the changes were brought into Emacs?  It looks
like the merge branch got reasonably far:


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