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Anyone using flymake-display-err-menu-for-current-line?

From: João Távora
Subject: Anyone using flymake-display-err-menu-for-current-line?
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 11:03:07 +0100
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As part of my flymake rewrite, I'm trying to discover if anyone is
still using flymake-display-err-menu-for-current-line. It seems to be
broken for a very long time. The manual states:

  If there’s at least one error or warning reported for the current
  line, this function will display a popup menu with error/warning
  texts.  Selecting the menu item whose error belongs to another file
  brings forward that file with the help of the
  ‘flymake-goto-file-and-line’ function.

IOW, in C, it could be useful to navigate to errors marked on A.c but
hailing from included file/buffer B.h. 

This possibly worked in the past but seems to be broken at least on a
recent GCC, since the flymake parser can't scrape its output. It would
be great to remove and implement more generically.


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