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Re: Flymake refactored

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Flymake refactored
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2017 10:55:56 -0400
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On Fri, 29 Sep 2017 14:51:59 +0200 Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden> wrote: 

DG> On 9/28/17 9:52 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> Maybe we could hook it into `next-error` so you can use C-x ` or `M-g n/p`
>> for it, but I'm not sure if it will work well (the problem with the
>> `next-error` thingy is that there can be many different "kinds" or
>> error sources, so flymake would end up competing with compile.el, grep,
>> etc...).

DG> I think it would be very silly to use next-error for grep, but not for 
DG> Flycheck uses it, so flymake can make do somehow, too.

DG> It should also encourage us to sort out that mess.

Right now the logic is based on buffer visibility, I think. next-error
supposed to be DWIM so the complexity is on the software side (and
messy) to keep the user experience simple. For me, it Just Works
currently (I use Occur and Flycheck a lot, compile and grep/git grep
less) so I've been pretty happy with it. I'm sure it can be improved :)


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