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Re: [Emacs-diffs] emacs-26 3db388b: Speed up (format "%s" STRING) and th

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] emacs-26 3db388b: Speed up (format "%s" STRING) and the like
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2017 20:13:44 +0000

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 2:48 PM Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:

Please always provide a minimal recipe to reproduce whatever problems
you see.  For add-on packages, please also provide an explanation why
what you see is problematic.  E.g., in this case, by just seeing the
echo-area messages, I don't quite understand the problem, as I don't
use hydra.

Understood, here is the recipe.

1. Install hydra from GNU Elpa in emacs -Q.
2. Evaluate the below

  (defhydra hydra-test (:color teal
                        :columns 7)
    "Test Hydra"
    ("<SPC>"   (message "Pressed space") "Space")
    ("<s-SPC>" (message "Pressed super space") "Super Space")
    ("q" (message "Pressed q") "q")
    ("r" (message "Pressed r") "r")
    ("s" (message "Pressed s") "s")
    ("t" (message "Pressed t") "t")
    ("u" (message "Pressed u") "u")
    ("v" (message "Pressed v") "v")
    ("w" (message "Pressed w") "w")
    ("x" (message "Pressed x") "x")
    ("y" (message "Pressed y") "y")
    ("z" (message "Pressed z") "z")
    ("A" (message "Pressed A") "A")
    ("B" (message "Pressed B") "B")
    ("C" (message "Pressed C") "C")
    ("D" (message "Pressed D") "D")
    ("E" (message "Pressed E") "E")
    ("F" (message "Pressed F") "F")
    ("G" (message "Pressed G") "G")
    ("H" (message "Pressed H") "H")
    ("I" (message "Pressed I") "I")
    ("J" (message "Pressed J") "J")
    ("K" (message "Pressed K") "K")
    ("L" (message "Pressed L") "L")
    ("M" (message "Pressed M") "M")
    ("N" (message "Pressed N") "N")
    ("O" (message "Pressed O") "O")
    ("P" (message "Pressed P") "P")
    ("Q" (message "Pressed Q") "Q")
    ("R" (message "Pressed R") "R")
    ("S" (message "Pressed S") "S")
    ("T" (message "Pressed T") "T")
    ("U" (message "Pressed U") "U")
    ("V" (message "Pressed V") "V")
    ("W" (message "Pressed W") "W")
    ("X" (message "Pressed X") "X")
    ("Y" (message "Pressed Y") "Y")
    ("Z" (message "Pressed Z") "Z")      
    ("C-g"     nil "cancel" :color blue))
  (global-set-key (kbd "C-c l") #'hydra-test/body)
3. Press "C-c l"

I cannot quite place what's special about the above test hydra, but once you press C-c l, you will see:


and the hydra will be unresponsive.. you won't be able to exist that Hydra window at the bottom (of course, you can kill it.. but the hydra won't be possible to quit any more).

I have copied Oleh so that he can provide more insight into how this format commit affects hydra, and what that "binding stack not balanced" error means.

About "something special about the test hydra":
- I do not get this error if I reduce the number of elements/heads of that test hydra.
- I do not get this error if I remove the head with "<s-SPC>" binding:   ("<s-SPC>" (message "Pressed super space") "Super Space")

I arrive to above test hydra only by trial.

Another issue caused by the format speed-up commit, that I cannot recreate in a recipe is that once emacs started up with my config, I would see the echo area 3-line tall, which is odd, and I've never seen.
We don't usually revert commits when they cause problems, we rather
prefer fixing the problems.  I'm quite sure this one will be fixed
soon enough.

Sure. I just thought this commit was too experimental, as it made my emacs session 100% unusable, and rebuilding was my only option.

Kaushal Modi

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