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new flymake: cosmetic problem on terminal emacs

From: Yuta Yamada
Subject: new flymake: cosmetic problem on terminal emacs
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 07:42:52 -0700

In terminal Emacs, I found not highlight state of flymake even there is a warning.
It can be visible if you set underline to the flymake's face.

How to reproduce:
1. cd emacs repo to ./lisp/progmode/
2. open js.el: $ emacs -Q -nw
4. M-x flymake-mode
3. goto-line 240 or 568 at js.el
   (there is warning around here, basically putting a space before end of the line
    cause similar warning in docstring)
5. you can check it by flymake-goto-next-error, but it isn't visible.

Not sure this is related, flycheck highlight previous word with the same error.

(checked on Emacs-26 branch and pulled 75bb482. This time I used bootstrap option)

Yuta Yamada

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