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[PATCH] Fix unnecessary xwidget_view creation

From: Jaesup Kwak
Subject: [PATCH] Fix unnecessary xwidget_view creation
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2017 04:56:32 +0900


While I am trying out xwidget in master branch, I found many xwidget
views are made and kept in `xwidget-view-list' for one xwidget model
while I have only one xwidget buffer open.

I am attaching a patch for the problem and here is how to test.

Test procedure:

1. `xwidget-webkit-browse-url' to a web page

2. Resize emacs frame, scroll it up/down several times

3. C-x b to *scratch* and C-x 1

4. check with `(length xwidget-view-list)'

Expected output is 1
Actual output is > 1


Description: Binary data

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