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Reload file from disk

From: Florian Weimer
Subject: Reload file from disk
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 10:17:18 +0100

Some time ago, it was possible to reload the current buffer from disk
using C-x C-f RET.  This was changed to run dired instead.  The
argument at the time was you could use C-x C-f M-n RET to reload the
current buffer, and that dired was more important.  The behavior of
M-n is documented for find-file at al.:

| but the visited file name is available through the minibuffer
| history: type M-n to pull it into the minibuffer.

But over the years, C-x C-f M-n RET started doing more and more
bizarre things.  It now inserts the file name at point in the buffer,
which is particularly annoying if you try to reload a ChangeLog file.
And I just noticed that when on a domain name such as example.com, it
will apparently attempt to ping that host.

Can we please make M-n behave as documented in this context, or even
better, revert to the old C-x C-f RET behavior?  One could always
browse the current directory using C-x C-f . RET, which is why never
understood the motivation behind that change.

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