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Re: Lisp primitives and their calling of the change hooks

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Lisp primitives and their calling of the change hooks
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:51:29 -0500
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> 6. Write and run a script which executes each of these primitives whilst
> counting the number of times it invokes before-change-hooks and
> after-change-hooks.

FWIW, we do not try to make those numbers match (and their begin/end
specs don't necessarily match either).

What we aim to do (i.e. what defines what I would consider as a bug) is
to make sure every a-c-f is preceded by a "covering" b-c-f.  IOW, b-c-f
may be followed by any number of a-f-c (including 0) as long as those
are within the text chunk covered by the b-f-c.

Some of your results clearly indicate what I'd consider as bugs.
E.g. `erase-buffer` should call those hooks (unless the buffer was
already empty).  OTOH for upcase-region 1 call to b-c-f and 0 to a-c-f
is acceptable.  For most of the others, a deeper inspection would be
needed to figure out if there's an actual bug or if it's just
a normal occurrence.


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