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(bisected) Bug in callint.c/bytecomp.el

From: Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
Subject: (bisected) Bug in callint.c/bytecomp.el
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2018 05:02:50 +0200


I'm getting the following error on latest master if I run for eg. 

condition-case: Symbol’s function definition is void: internal-make-closure

toggle-debug-on-error results in:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function internal-make-closure)
  (internal-make-closure (x) (v-or-f) nil (funcall (nth 1 x) 
(internal-get-closed-var 0)))
  (cl-some (internal-make-closure (x) (v-or-f) nil (funcall (nth 1 x) 
(internal-get-closed-var 0))) describe-symbol-backends)
  (if v-or-f (cl-some (internal-make-closure (x) (v-or-f) nil (funcall (nth 1 
x) (internal-get-closed-var 0))) describe-symbol-backends))
  (let* ((v-or-f (symbol-at-point)) (found (if v-or-f (cl-some 
(internal-make-closure (x) (v-or-f) nil (funcall (nth 1 x) 
(internal-get-closed-var 0))) describe-symbol-backends))) (v-or-f (if found 
v-or-f (function-called-at-point))) (found (or found v-or-f)) 
(enable-recursive-minibuffers t) (val (completing-read (if found (format 
"Describe symbol (default %s): " v-or-f) "Describe symbol: ") obarray (function 
(lambda (vv) (cl-some (internal-make-closure (x) (vv) nil (funcall (nth 1 x) 
(internal-get-closed-var 0))) describe-symbol-backends))) t nil nil (if found 
(symbol-name v-or-f))))) (list (if (equal val "") v-or-f (intern val))))
  call-interactively(describe-symbol nil nil)

I bisected it to the following commit:

ce48658191 Fix command repetition with lexical-binding (Bug#29334)

I don't have the deep understanding required to properly fix this so I
just reverted ce48658191 and my problems went away :)

Can someone more knowledgeable please attempt a proper fix?

Thank you

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