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RE: Fix some tooltip related problems

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Fix some tooltip related problems
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 10:50:56 -0800 (PST)


Thanks for those answers.

>  >> For modeline help-echoing have tooltips show applicable
>  >> actions only.
>  >
>  > What does that mean?  What "inapplicable" stuff will
>  > users no longer be able to see in tooltips?
> For example, with emacs -Q and the mouse over the right part of the
> single modeline you won't see a tooltip because the corresponding
> window is already selected, occupies the whole frame and can be
> neither removed nor resized.

I guess you mean this tooltip:

 mouse-1: Select (drag to resize)
 mouse-2: Make current window occupy the whole frame
 mouse-3: Remove current window from display

As one user, in that context I'd rather still see those
mouse actions shown in a tooltip, for info/learning
purposes.  It would be good to dim them, however.

This is like showing `Edit' menu item `Cut' when the
buffer is read-only: we still show the menu item even
when it cannot be used in the current context.

It's true that for some menu items we use :visible
instead of :enable.  For the example you gave, I think
the :enable behavior is more appropriate: teach users
that it exists and tell them it is currently unavailable.

IMO, that's the right way to handle that particular
"inapplicable" action: show it, so users can learn
about those mouse actions even in that context - but
make clear that, although generally available, they
are not available currently.

So as one user I'd vote against this change, unless
I saw some good reasons for it or unless users will
somehow be given the choice.

What's the reason for this change?

What are the criteria that determine when such
"inapplicable" actions are not shown?  (I'm guessing
that the example you gave is not the only one.)

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