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Re: set-frame-parameter a child-frame's 'parent-frame error on macOS ?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: set-frame-parameter a child-frame's 'parent-frame error on macOS ?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 10:38:52 +0100

Still not much luck with the video.  I'm told that my video driver
accelerators do not support the resolution 1854x2110 so they are
deactivated.  The result is that I see all sorts of artefacts.

Anyway, it seems that the "good" frame appears around 00:34 and its
"bad" double around 00:35 of the video.  Is that correct?  If so,
please post simple screencaps with the corresponding timings.  And
also please resolve the discrepancy with what Feng Shu says here:

  when I want to show company-child-frame-menu at <position>, I support
  this position is (20, 50), but before show menu about 0.1s, this menu will be 
  at positon (10, 25), and dispear and then show at position (20, 50),
  this is so fast, let menu look flicker.

namely that the bad frame appears first.

> Correction: without that patch, the first (momentary) position is
> where the popup should be, and the second one is at 2x the necessary
> vertical coordinate.

Yet another hint that someone tries to position the frame twice.


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