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emacs-26 commits missing in master

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: emacs-26 commits missing in master
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 16:02:37 -0500
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It was so long ago that probably nothing can be diagnosed now, but in
the following merge commit, any idea why the two commits marked with "X"
were skipped? They shouldn't have been. They don't match
gitmerge-skip-regexp AFAICS.

commit a346d5b
Merge: 3d0d5b4 906224e
Date:   Thu Oct 12 13:44:17 2017 -0700

    ; Merge from origin/emacs-26
    The following commits were skipped:
    906224eba1 ; * Update ldefs-boot.el
    872108f709 Bump Emacs version to 26.0.90
X    419a371f8b Update authors.el
X    3f37086958 * admin/authors.el (authors-aliases): Additions.

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