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[PATCH] atomic-change-group does not preserve value of ,body

From: Jarosław Rzeszótko
Subject: [PATCH] atomic-change-group does not preserve value of ,body
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 19:13:10 +0100

(atomic-change-group 5) returns t, while it seems natural to me to expect it to work like save-excursion etc. and return 5.

Chances of someone relying on the existing behavior seem rather low, so I attach a patch that changes the macro to evaluate to whatever value the body evaluates. I validated make check passes through with no failures after the patch is applied.

If this patch is not an option for some reason I have not thought of, perhaps it would make sense to document what is returned and why in the atomic-change-group docstring.

Jarosław Rzeszótko

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