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Re: Loading a package applies automatically to future sessions?

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: Loading a package applies automatically to future sessions?
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 11:55:55 -0800
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>>>>> "SM" == Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

SM> I don't think I can easily bring down the speed of package-initialize much
SM> below 0.1s for my 200 packages on my Thinkpad T61. Whether that would
SM> still let you startup in 0.4s with your config, I can't tell.

SM> There's no doubt that with use-package you have a finer control about what
SM> happens when, so you can delay some of the things done during
SM> package-initialize, but without looking more deeply into it, it's hard to
SM> tell whether that would really be needed.

True. Note that I did shave an entire second from my startup time just by

    (setq package-enable-at-startup nil)

I determined this was slowing things down considerably (at least, in my
environment) by running profiler-start as the very first thing in my init

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