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elpa.gnu.org packages requiring external packages

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: elpa.gnu.org packages requiring external packages
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 02:22:39 -0500
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emacs -Q -f list-packages

The following packages are listed as "incompatible":
  ebdb-i18n-chn    # needs "pyim"
  helm-ebdb        # needs "helm"
  org-edna         # needs "org 9.0.5"

because they depend on packages that are not in GNU elpa (or Emacs).
(The last one is an oddity. Apparently the built-in Org isn't
recognized as a package?)

Is it appropriate for elpa.gnu.org to distribute packages that can't be
installed without packages from other repos?

(I don't have an opinion, except that it seems odd to have
"incompatible" packages show up in the default M-x list-packages output.)

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