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Re: Loading a package applies automatically to future sessions?

From: George Plymale II
Subject: Re: Loading a package applies automatically to future sessions?
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2018 17:10:12 -0500

> Hmm... good catch.  I just added a corresponding FIXME in the code
> (hopefully M-x dwim will figure out how to fix it).

Sounds good.

> I'll see if I can reproduce it (it's probably better to try and use the
> .el file instead, tho).

Ok, let me know if you need help from my end.

> FWIW "a first stab" often ends up being faster than the end product,
> because the first stab was too optimistic.

Hopefully it won't come to that ;)

> Could you try and give some more details about this problem?
> E.g. check the fastpath file to see in which order the two packages's
> autoloads are placed.  If gh-autoloads.el comes before
> marshal-autoloads.el, could you try and figure out why (e.g. maybe
> starting with `M-x trace-function RET package-activate RET`
> and `M-x trace-function RET package-activate-1 RET`)?

gh-autoloads.el does indeed come before marshal-autoloads.el (although I
currently have them switched around to prevent init errors).

I did those `trace-function' invocations that you suggested, but I can't
quite make heads or tails out of them so I will just send you the
*trace-output* dumps to look at it yourself. I will send said dumps in a
private email since I don't want to post all of my installed packages


- George Plymale II

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