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Re: Extending the ecomplete.el data store.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Extending the ecomplete.el data store.
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2018 21:34:14 -0500
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> Mailaprop tries to figure out the "best" variant of a given address, and
> assign that variant a higher score than any of the other variants, so that
> the "best" one shows up higher in the completion list than any of
> those others.

OK, I see.  It's kind of a pain having to keep all that info just for
that little tweak, but I guess it can indeed be significant.

And, I guess, in various corner cases, explicit user input to select
the right variant might be needed.

This said, there can be various other info that could determine which
alternative to use.  E.g. you might like to use nicknames when sending
to a group of close friends, but more official names when sending to
some of the same person but as part of a work email.  So maybe we should
keep more info than you currently have (i.e. keep a list of other email
addresses that appeared in the same message).

> That's probably related only to how ecomplete generates its database;
> I don't think it affects the format of the database.

No, indeed, it's not related to the format.  More a question of
process synchronization.

>>[ And along vaguely related lines, I'd really like if the ecompleterc
>>  database could be somehow shared between my different machines.
>>  E.g. by arranging for git-merge to "do-the-right-thing" on it, or by
>>  storing (a copy of) it in IMAP.  ]
> I haven't thought much about that, because I solve that problem out-of-band
> right now: my mailaprop database is under version control and gets
> automatically sync'd across all the machines I work on (and the same would
> be true of .ecompleterc if I were using that).  I agree it would be a good
> thing if Emacs solved that automagically, as long as it were truly reliable.

I tried doing the same with ecompleterc but that results in too may
conflicts that are annoying to resolve by hand.
Based on your description of the format you use, I'm surprised you're
not suffering from conflicts as well.


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