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Another response to RMS (was Loading a package applies automatically to

From: George Plymale II
Subject: Another response to RMS (was Loading a package applies automatically to future sessions?)
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2018 04:35:08 -0500

> Freedom sometimes requires a sacrifice, and this is one example.
> "Openness" is not a priority for us -- freedom is our goal.

Ok. I am of the opinion that these virtues go hand in hand.

> Most free software projects don't have a commitment to any particular
> political goal or philosophy.  Those questions are simply up to the
> main developers of the project.  They can change goals as thery see
> fit.

> GNU is different.  It has a commitment to a particular political
> philosophy, and that never changes.

> People who expect the other way may be surprised when they see GNU is
> different.  They expect to be able to argue about the basic goal
> and get it changed.  However, the goal of GNU came before GNU,
> so they cannot change it.

Ok, I understand and respect that.

> You have a right to criticize various aspects of GNU, but please don't
> use this list for that; that is off-topic here.  This list is for
> developing Emacs.  Explaining our assignment policies was just barely
> on-topic, but this is not.

I apologize, I only brought this up as a genuine concern for improving
some code which was relevant. My subsequent messages about this were
responses to others who in turn messaged me about this issue (including
you). If you want, I will stop discussing all such issues regarding this
on this list from henceforth.

If that is the case, where may relevantly I take such concerns should
they arise again?

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