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Re: Building Emacs with MinGW 64

From: Ruslan Bekenev
Subject: Re: Building Emacs with MinGW 64
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 12:39:57 +0300
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Thank you for the answer, Noam.

You should look at the instructions that come with Emacs first.
Sure I did. But thank to your message I noticed NT folder which I've missed.

You don't explain exactly why you don't want to use MSYS2.
I'm just afraid it's another toolchain I have to keep on my system and I have to make sure it's not conflicting with other. As far as I got MinGW has GCC and Make and some other tools like sed, grep, sh, etc. So I didn't get the point of using MSYS2.

But anyway, thank you again for your answer. I'll try to look deeper to the MSYS2. I guess I've just misunderstood the purpose of msys.

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