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Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:25:44 +0100
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after some unexpected / unintended prolonged delay due to personal
reasons, for which I apologize, attached the v2 of my patches.

Basically I have gone a somewhat different route. While working in
some of the requested changes, I noticed that there were still some
pathological cases that were not covered and fixing that would make
things even more convoluted.

So, in this version, the return value is calculated (if necessary)
strategically right before we return from the function call, thus it
cannot be missed and we will always properly signal if data was read
from a wait_proc (either directly or indirectly).

And instead of messing with got_some_output, we exit the loop when we
got some data (directly or indirectly) for our wait_proc if there is
no data to be read for this iteration. This leaves the whole function
logic alone -- except for this key point.

I have addressed the remaining issues, if they still applied. And I
have not been able to trigger a single hang with these patches.

I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Thanks, again, for all the patience.

So long,

Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Matthias Dahl | Software Engineer | binary-island.eu

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