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Re: [PATCH] Fixing package-initialize, adding early init file

From: Radon Rosborough
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fixing package-initialize, adding early init file
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 20:38:14 -0800

Unless otherwise noted, I have integrated your comments, Eli. Let
me know if more changes are needed before merging.

I also noticed that the startup summary was not updated to reflect
the early init file and new timing of `package-initialize'. That's fixed

> Btw, is it only looked up in .emacs.d, or also in the directory where

> .emacs is searched (which could be just the home directory)?

No, since .emacs is deprecated in favor of ~/.emacs.d/init.el.

> This is for users, so it should be in the user manual, not in ELisp
> manual.

While re-adding the index entry for `package-initialize', I also partially
re-added the paragraph on `package-initialize' in the user manual. The
user manual now documents `package-initialize' as only something
that is useful to call if you set `package-enable-at-startup' to nil, so this
paragraph is not really needed in the user manual. I think it is still
useful to have it in the Elisp manual, since unlike the user manual, the
Elisp manual actually does document `package-initialize' in some
detail, so users might be misled into thinking that it is a useful function
when in fact they probably should not be using it.

Why was this hunk necessary?

Because the description was wrong and needed to be removed. It
advised that users call `package-initialize' in their init file, which is
wrong advice if `package-initialize' is called automatically before
loading the init file.


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