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Re: [Patch] Enable byte-compile-error-on-wran for error-free files in li

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Patch] Enable byte-compile-error-on-wran for error-free files in lisp/
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:24:29 -0500
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> Now that the byte-compile-error-on-warn patch was merged (thanks by the
> way!), this is the next step: I've marked most every file in lisp/
> that currently byte-compiles without warnings with
> 'byte-compile-error-on-warn: t' in its file local variables.

I sometimes consider it preferable to keep a warning than to silence it
(typically because I can't fix it (yet)).  This said, I'm fine with
adding such annotations for those files which currently don't have warnings.

> So, it's my understanding that there are some portions of what's in
> emacs.git - org-mode being the prominent example in my mind - are simply
> merges of a separate repository into emacs.git.

You'll want to be super extra careful with files that are also
distributed outside of Emacs, since they may emit warnings when compiled
by a different version of Emacs (typically one that doesn't exist yet).


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