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Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2018 10:15:23 +0100
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Hello Lars...

On 26/02/18 16:17, Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> The fixes to wait_reading_process_ouput have definitely made a
> difference.  I used to see hangs several times a day, but after the fix,
> I'm only seeing the hangs once every few days, and it's impossible to
> set up a repeatable test case for them.  So my guess is that there might
> still be a problem in this area, but that the window for triggering it
> is much smaller.

These are probably multiple bugs you are seeing... one of them being
fixed now hopefully and the other(s) are still affecting you -- which
don't have to be in the same place either.

Have you been able to pinpoint where Emacs hangs? (backtrace) And when
it hangs, can you still cancel (ctrl+g) or do you have to kill Emacs

What are you doing generally when Emacs hangs?

So long,

Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Matthias Dahl | Software Engineer | binary-island.eu

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