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Re:Re: [RFC] Add posframe.el to elpa

From: tumashu
Subject: Re:Re: [RFC] Add posframe.el to elpa
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:42:11 +0800 (CST)

The below is my faced problem when I first contribute elpa.git

    Which one should I choice? default ? subtree ?  extra-branch?

1.  default method suggest:
     1.  if you want to set elpa.git as your project's only repo, and your will maintain your
          package directly in elpa.git,  you can choice default method
     2. If you just want to update your package with Email + format-patch,  you shoud choice
         default method and do not use subtree.

 2.  subtree suggestion:
     1.  If you want to maintain your package in a independ repo, and sync change with elpa.git
          you can choice subtree method.
     2.  when you want to use subtree method, you should get elpa.git's write access
          1. regedit a user at https://savannah.gnu.org,
          2. join in emacs group
          3 ..... waiting to approve ....
          4. upload key
          5. the example of git subtree command
          6. the example of git push command
          7. other things ....
          8. how to sync change between elpa.git and you-own-package.git.
     3.  only use git command-line to push change to elpa.git,  do not use format-patch
     4.  DO NOT --SQUASH!!
     5.  how to deal with  package's ugly log :-)

3. extra-branch

At 2018-02-28 10:43:58, "Stefan Monnier" <address@hidden> wrote: >>>GNU ELPA is not just a site to distribute packages, it's the site where >>>we distribute the packages hosted in elpa.git, which we want to be >>>a kind of "halfway" between MELPA and Emacs itself. >> I agree this, but I think the elpa.git's README is not enough for a new >> contributer who is first contribute to elpa.git. > >If you tell us what you think is missing, we can improve it, > > > Stefan

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