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[PATCH] Various fixes for early init file changes

From: Radon Rosborough
Subject: [PATCH] Various fixes for early init file changes
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 21:31:02 -0800

Hello all,

Attached are three patches:

1. Fix `Info-default-directory-list' error during init. This moves the
running of `custom-reevaluate-setting' on predefined variables to
earlier during startup, so that `package-initialize' can access
`Info-default-directory-list'. Without this patch, warnings are
emitted during startup if packages with Info manuals are installed.
2. Documentation fixes for early init file changes. This clarifies in
the Emacs manual what variables need to be customized in the early
init file, and fixes a couple of docstrings in package.el that still
referred to "loading" packages rather than "making them available".
3. Warn if `package-initialize' is called twice. This causes Emacs to
emit a warning, by default, if `package-initialize' is called twice
during init. I expect this to cause people a lot of warnings, but I
think this is a good thing, since the alternative (currently) is a
pretty bad performance regression if people leave a now-superfluous
extra call to `package-initialize' in their init files. Plus, the fix
is trivial: just delete the extra call. For people who really do want
to call `package-initialize' twice for some reason, there is a new
variable `package-warn-on-reinitialization' which can be customized to
disable the warning.

I believe this addresses all the problems people have noticed with the
changes related to `package-initialize' and the early init file.
Please let me know if I missed anything. Thanks for all the feedback
and support!

Best regards,
Radon Rosborough

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