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Re: Is it possible lock minibuffer's height

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Is it possible lock minibuffer's height
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2018 10:05:51 +0100

> I have test the tips you provide, it is work.
> But the approach my used can not do well,  for I can not get some strings 
showed in minibuffer.
> not all the string showed in minibuffer will go into the minibffer's buffer.

You would have to tell me more about this.  Please tell me first why
you want to show the minibuffer window on the child frame and not use
the parent frame's minibuffer window.  Child frames may have focus
problems depending on the platform used so maybe it's better to avoid
showing a minibuffer on them.

Then tell me please whether the string you want to show is (1) not
shown in any minibuffer window, (2) not in the minibuffer window of
the child frame, or (3) not in the child frame's minibuffer because
you fixed its size by some means.

Also does "not all the string" mean that the string gets truncated
somewhere?  Or is the problem that the minibuffer window shows your
string but it does not appear in the "right" minibuffer?

Thanks, martin

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