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Re: Let's make C-M-w in isearch yank symbol, not delete character

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Let's make C-M-w in isearch yank symbol, not delete character
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2018 23:36:33 +0200
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>>   "However, if you customize the variable ‘search-exit-option’ to ‘nil’,
>>   the characters which you type that are not interpreted by the
>>   incremental search are simply appended to the search string.  This is
>>   so you could include in the search string control characters, such as
>>   ‘C-a’, that would normally exit the search and invoke the command
>>   bound to them on the buffer."
>> But the comment in isearch-pre-command-hook says:
>>   ;; If search-exit-option is nil, run the command without exiting Isearch.
>> So it's not clear what it should do for e.g. motion commands:
>> just move point without exiting Isearch or append control characters
>> of motion keys to the search string?
> Typing "C-s foo C-a" produces "foo^A" in the search string here, so I
> think the manual is accurate, whereas the comment is wrong.  Are you
> saying that you don't see control characters being appended literally,
> under this option?

But point jumps to the beginning of the line, so the comment is correct
as well: it runs the command without exiting Isearch, indeed.
So actually it does both: appends control characters and runs the
command, and doing both makes no sense.  Then maybe we should create two
separate options for search-exit-option: one to run the command
and another to append control characters.  But still it's unclear
how to append control characters from such commands as e.g. <right>
bound to ‘right-char’, or ‘M-f’ bound to ‘forward-word’.  When typing them
with search-exit-option customized to nil, I see such errors in *Messages*

  Error in pre-command-hook (isearch-pre-command-hook):
  (wrong-type-argument characterp right)

  Error in pre-command-hook (isearch-pre-command-hook):
  (wrong-type-argument characterp 134217830)

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