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Re: Let's make C-M-w in isearch yank symbol, not delete character

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Let's make C-M-w in isearch yank symbol, not delete character
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 23:19:19 +0200
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>> > Why only set those properties in the :setter rather tan just do it at
>> > top-level?  Also, would it be possible to avoid having to list those
>> > commands and instead treat as `isearch-move` any command which uses the
>> > handle-shift-selection?
>> Supporting only commands which use the handle-shift-selection
>> makes the most sense.  I tested this to confirm it works as expected:
>> diff --git a/lisp/isearch.el b/lisp/isearch.el
>> index 84b121a..245bf8a 100644
>> --- a/lisp/isearch.el
>> +++ b/lisp/isearch.el
>> @@ -2433,8 +2448,8 @@ isearch-pre-command-hook
>>        (setq this-command 'isearch-edit-string))
>>       ;; Don't terminate the search for motion commands.
>>       ((or (and (eq search-exit-option 'move)
>> -               (symbolp this-command)
>> -               (eq (get this-command 'isearch-move) t))
>> +               (stringp (nth 1 (interactive-form this-command)))
>> +               (string-match-p "^^" (nth 1 (interactive-form 
>> this-command))))
>>            (and (eq search-exit-option 'shift-move)
>>                 this-command-keys-shift-translated))
>>        (setq this-command-keys-shift-translated nil)
> Please don't do this.  handle-shift-selection (whatever that might be)
> is a different feature from the isearch extension, and users should be
> able to customize them independently from each other.  Correction: MUST
> be able to customize them independently.

This solution avoids the flaws of the isearch-allow-scroll feature 
that causes "customization hell" by requiring maintaining a long list of
(put 'command 'isearch-scroll t) minutiae, and requiring adding the same
for every new command.  The feature should be smart enough to deduce
a reasonable default set of supported commands, and adjustable enough
to allow adding/deleting commands to/from the default set.

> Although I haven't been following this thread all that closely, I'm a
> little perturbed that in the space of little over a week, a small
> definite proposal which makes a lot of sense has swollen into a
> significant redesign of isearch, and an incompatible one at that.

The main sub-thread was renamed to the subject "Isearch interaction model"
where we are discussing significant changes such as merging regex and
regular histories into a unified history, integrating find-and-replace
into isearch, keeping toggleable parameters between searches, etc.

> Disclosure: I've had an isearch-yank-symbol bound to C-S-w in my
> isearch-mode-map for several years.

Now isearch-yank-symbol is bound to C-M-w, so you can use the default key.

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