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Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: Re: wait_reading_process_ouput hangs in certain cases (w/ patches)
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 10:54:00 +0100
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Hello all...

Sorry for the delay, things took quite a bit longer than I expected. And
I really should scratch that "later this week" phrase entirely from my
active use. ;-)

@Andrés: Sorry for not replying to your off-list mail yet. I was busy
with this bug, given the limited time I have I was prioritizing.

So, attached you will find patches that fix bugs I have found with the
current GnuTLS code. I am pretty confident that it will fix the issue
that Lars is seeing. And I hope that the hangs seen by Andrés will be
gone with this as well.

Lars and Andrés, please test those patches either against Emacs master
without any other additional patches or against the current Emacs 26
branch with the wait_reading_process_output patches that have been
applied to master but nothing else.

Please report back if those patches fix your issues or, if not, how they
affect (if at all) the hangs. Thanks again for investing the time!

@Eli: Those patches are, imho, clearly Emacs 26 material as well. And
along those lines, and I don't mean to be pushy at all :), I would like
to bring up the wait_reading_process_output fixes as well. I still think
it would be a good idea to get those into Emacs 26. All the fixes up
until now have been for hangs that will usually be erratic and
unpredictable to the user... thus, those hangs will probably end up
as unresolved bug reports on some random package instead of posts on
this list... if at all.

Keeping my fingers crossed here. ;-)

So long,

Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Matthias Dahl | Software Engineer | binary-island.eu

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