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nxml-mode: consider changing nxml-sexp-element-flag default

From: Jostein Kjønigsen
Subject: nxml-mode: consider changing nxml-sexp-element-flag default
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:01:37 +0100

Hey everyone.

Looking at the commit-history, there's not much happening with nxml-mode right now. It's stable, mature code.

One thing which surprised me when starting to use Emacs though, was how XML is a structured document-format... But using C-M-SPACE didn't select a node in the way it does in other major-mode (like lisp-modes).

For -years- this annoyed me... Until someone pointed out that simply setting nxml-sexp-element-flag to true makes Emacs behave exactly the behaviour you would expect and want it to.

This is -much- better, and actually makes nxml-mode a decent "programming language" for batch XML-jobs through keyboard macros.

Why, oh why, is this not the default?  If nxml-mode is "complete" at this point, I still think this is one thing left to improve.
This would especially make things betterfor new users.

How about it?

Jostein Kjønigsen

address@hidden 🍵 address@hidden

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