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focus-in-hook ---fires incorrectly?

From: T.V Raman
Subject: focus-in-hook ---fires incorrectly?
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 10:20:11 -0700

this is on emacs built from Git @head running on Debian under StumpWM
as a window-manager.


(add-hook 'focus-in-hook #'(lambda () (message "hello %s" (selected-frame))))

What you'd expect:

1. See "hello <frame-id>" when Emacs frames receive focus.
2. Nothing when Emacs loses focus.

What Actually Happens:

Hook fires when emacs loses focus, and you see "Hello <frame-id>"
where frame-id is the id of selected frame in emacs
2. You get "hello" when Emacs receives focus  -- with no frame-id.

Note that the corresponding focus-out-hook appears to work correctly
i.e. only fires when Emacs loses focus.





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