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RE: Split `simple.el'?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Split `simple.el'?
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 10:25:27 -0700 (PDT)

> In reply to John's question about `C-h h' times, I noted:
>   > How long does that take for you?
>   emacs -Q: 1 min 15 sec
>   my setup: 1 min 30 sec
> But wrt visiting simple.el, where with my setup I see a
> slowdown (~2 minutes) even without going to the part of
> the file that has the problematic defcustom, with
> `emacs -Q' I do not see that same problem - there I see
> a slowdown only when trying to show the defcustom.

I understand the problem now, I think.  With my setup I
automatically fit frames with buffers to their text.
This happens after the buffer is visited (and thus

The frame-fitting code moves point through the buffer,
at eol (`end-of-line'), within a `save-excursion', to
get the longest line length.  That movement presumably
means that fonts are looked for to render the chars in
each line.

Not yet sure what is the best way to work around this,
but that's the explanation why, with my setup but not
with emacs -Q, I see a slowdown before the user even
tries to display that problematic part of the file.

So no particular bug, it seems.  Behind the scene I'm
doing the equivalent of going to that problematic
defcustom, even though I don't see it displayed.

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