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EWW improvements: open in new buffer, tags, quickmarks, search engines,

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: EWW improvements: open in new buffer, tags, quickmarks, search engines, ...
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 15:56:40 +0530
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I've recently hacked around EWW and since it's coming into good shape
I'm thinking of committing this upstream.

Before sending a patch, here is the current state of my hacks:



- Add `eww-copy-page-title' that mirrors `eww-copy-page-url', it's
  useful enough.

- Enhances eww-next-url / eww-previous-url so that when there is no next /
  previous links, it tries to increment / decrement the last number in
  the last element of the URL.  ("do what you mean" style.)

- Add a `eww-reload-all' command to reload all *eww* buffers, it's
  useful when using desktop-mode but when `eww-restore-desktop' is nil.

- Make `eww' so that the default value is in the prompt, ready to be
  edited by the user.  Very convenient in my opinion.

- Change `eww-open-in-new-buffer' so that it queries for a URL instead
  of cloning the current buffer (which is not very useful in my

- Make eww-update-header-line-format also update the buffer name so that
  it contains the page title.  _Very useful_ to browse / search *eww*
  buffers (think Ivy/Helm).

- Ask for tags when saving a bookmark.  Tags are stored under the key
  :tags as a list of strings.

- Make `eww-add-bookmark' run a customizable function to decide when.
  to error out.  For instance, error out when a duplicate is detected
  with protocol stripped out (https://foo.bar is seen as a duplicate of

- Make `eww-write-bookmarks' run a customizable function before saving
  the file.  That function can be used, for instance, to detect
  duplicates or to sort the bookmarks.  This would make the eww-bookmarks
  file more friendly to versioning.

- Bookmarks can have a mark which is a string saved under the key :mark.
  The mark should be unique.  It could be used like the "quickmark"
  function found in some browsers: use it to quickly load a
  bookmark. (Work in progress.)

- Bookmarks can have a search engine which is either appended to the
  bookmark' URL if it does not start with "https?://", or used as-is
  The search engine is stored as a string under the key :search.
  A "%s" must be present in the search engine string as a place-holder
  for the query.

- Make `eww-bookmark-prepare' only load  bookmarks from file if not
  already set.  This makes it possible to display a custom / narrowed
  list of bookmarks in the bookmark buffer.

- Make `eww-bookmark-prepare' display the mark, the tags and the search
  engine, if available.  Work in progress.  I'm thinking of using a
  different face for the mark if a search engine is present.

- Add a `eww-bookmarks-by-tags' command which queries the user for a
  completing list of tags and then displays a bookmark buffers of all
  the bookmarks which match the tags.  The matching can be either
  inclusive or exclusive (bookmarks which match at least one tag vs. all
  of them).

- Make `eww--dwim-expand-url' follow a different logic to bind it all together:

  - With a multi-word query, if first word is a mark of a bookmark with a 
search engine,
  then use the said search engine over the rest of the query.

  - With a single word query, if first word is a mark then open the
    corresponding bookmark.

  - Else query the default search engine.

- Fix `eww-forward-url' as it seems to corrupt the history.  (Work in progress.)

Of course in its present state my hacks are what they are, very hacky.
It needs to be made more customizable and interfaceable.

What do you think?

Pierre Neidhardt

Power corrupts.  Absolute power is kind of neat.
                -- John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy, 1981-1987

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