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Re: Any interest in making Emacs available on Flathub?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Any interest in making Emacs available on Flathub?
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 12:31:48 -0700
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It'd be helpful to have Emacs easily distributable via Flatpak. Since I'm not a Flatpak expert, could you help fill us in on what's needed? In your draft <https://bitbucket.org/muep/org.gnu.emacs/> I see three files:

* A patch to src/xterm.c that is installed on Savannah, so this is done already (in the next Emacs version, anyway).

* Adding info about release 25.3 to etc/emacs.appdata.xml. Should this info be all the Emacs releases (see etc/HISTORY) or just the releases tuned for Flatpak? If so, presumably it should start with the first release that works well with Flatpak.

* A file org.gnu.Emacs.json, which I suppose we could copy to etc/org.gnu.Emacs.json in the master Emacs distribution. Or perhaps there's another better place for it? How should this file evolve as Emacs makes further releases? Presumably each release should clear out the patches from the "modules" section?

A few more questions:

* I notice that your org.gnu.Emacs.json file differs from that of others. Is it important that this file be reasonably standard for everybody's convenience, or is it merely a template for people to configure? Is it something that "make" should construct, when you're building Emacs? That sort of thing.

* Would it make sense for the top-level Emacs makefile to have a "flatpak" action, so that "make flatpak" does something for Flatpak that "make install" does for a native installation? If so, what should "make flatpak" do?

* If we want to also support AppImage, Snap, etc., how should we arrange for this in an economical and intuitive way in the source?

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