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Re: Off Topic (was: bug#31544)

From: Van L
Subject: Re: Off Topic (was: bug#31544)
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:44:07 +1000

> Richard Stallman writes:
> We don't have adequate free software for voice recognition, as far as
> I know, and we should not add Emacs support for any such nonfree
> program.

I get the demand to be free.

> Perhaps the inconvenience has to do with combining the complex
> parts of the regexp with the simple strings to match.  Is that so?

Imagine this. The scene is one of a room full of twenty Agile Programmers (who 
may not be any good at all). There are two Scrum Masters and the Agile Coach. 
They are across realtime data tracking 150,000 objects, such as, people.

In a different world. There is free software voice-recognition (after a long 
slog to transition from nonfree). The secretaries from the 1980s interact with 
Emacs on data of equal size and complexity (and there are no charlatans at 
Theranos which is showing signs of success after a long slog :-).

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