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Re: nXML mode maintenance and enhancement

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: nXML mode maintenance and enhancement
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:49:32 -0400
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>>> 5. Analogues of `LaTeX-fill-region' and friends from AUCTeX.
>> Not sure what this would do which the default fill-region wouldn't do
>> (once the indentation is improved)?
> I don't know, but I use `LaTeX-fill-buffer' often,

Sorry, I was thinking of indent-region rather than fill-region.

Ideally, it also should be possible to hook into fill-region to do
whatever you want, but it's a long-standing missing functionality.

>> If I may add a personal wish: make it a bit more permissive with
>> respect to details of the header (or better help the user fix those
>> headers) so it's easier to use it for HTML5.
> HTML5 is not an XML application,

It's close enough for my use, with the GNU ELPA `html5-schema` package
(which should be improved to include SVG etc...).

> One possibility is to use the XHTML5 RELAX NG
> schema from the Nu Validator,

That's what html5-schema does.


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