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Re: Appdata screenshot of Emacs might need a refresh

From: Joonas Sarajärvi
Subject: Re: Appdata screenshot of Emacs might need a refresh
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2018 19:06:47 +0300
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Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Petton kirjoitti 05.06.2018 klo 15:20:
Joonas Sarajärvi <address@hidden> writes:


Hi Joonas,

I think Emacs would benefit from updating that Appdata screenshot,
regardless of if it addresses that flathub issue that I wish to have
resolved. If I take a new screenshot of GNU Emacs 26.1 in its default
settings, and basically make it very similar to the "teaser" picture [5]
but following the screenshot guidelines [4], could it be installed
either to the old URL [1] or next to the old one with e.g. a name like

Yes, I would install it.


Here it is:


In the short term, I think this could be placed just into

Later it might be sensible to start using an URL that has at least the major component of Emacs version (so currently 26) in the path and start maintaining the Emacs appdata xml so that the screenshot reference uses these URLs. Then users of old Emacs source would fetch a screenshot of the old version if they get it based on that appdata XML for some purpose.

If it is desired to keep the existing content at
as-is, the new screenshot could perhaps be installed already at
https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/images/appdata-26.png or somewhere like that.

- Joonas

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