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Re: Resuming M-x gitmerge

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Resuming M-x gitmerge
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018 11:50:04 -0400
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Noam Postavsky wrote:

> When M-x gitmerge hits a conflict, it shows a window with the message:
>     Resolve the conflicts manually, then run gitmerge again.
>     Note:
>       - You don't have to add resolved files or commit the merge yourself 
> (but you can).
> The first note is either wrong, or I'm misunderstanding it.  If I don't
> 'git add' the resolved files and commit the merge, then trying to run
> M-x gitmerge again fails with (user-error "Repository is not clean").

Maybe it's just badly worded? You have to resolve the conflict someway.
This is either by editing the conflicted file and using "git add" to
mark it as resolved, or by reset+checkout (or whatever the voodooo is)
to discard the changes altogether. I don't remember needing to manually
"commit" myself. Normally I think I do:

M-x gitmerge
fix conflict
git add <file> to mark conflict resolved
  (unless eg smerge has automatically done that)
M-x gitmerge

So maybe it should just say "You don't have to commit the merge yourself..."

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