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Re: sql.el MariaDB support

From: Robert Cochran
Subject: Re: sql.el MariaDB support
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018 18:10:00 -0700
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Michael Mauger <address@hidden> writes:

> I had to move the mariadb defvaraliases before the mysql defvar because that 
> is the order expected. 

Oops. I mean, I had a 50/50 of getting it right on the first try, so I
suppose I didn't do too badly.

> This is obviously the potential gotcha here, but if you are flipping between 
> the two,
> you have enough other problems that I don't think Emacs will be you biggest. 
> :)

Good. I was thinking the exact same thing, but I was playing it safe by
asking the question and confirming whether or not that was considered
reasonable behavior.

> That's a hold-over from the original and I'm not sure it has any impact 
> today. Let
> me know if you have any problems...

Alright. It doesn't particularly bother /me/ to not have that
aligned. I'm simply happy not to have to fiddle with the prompt regexps
every time I want to use the SQL REPL. :)

> Keeping it loose is okay, anchoring it to the start of the line thru the "> " 
> text is
> really all that's needed.

Awesome, because I honestly wasn't really in the mood for trying to
concoct a complicated regexp to match all the possibilities. ;)

> I had to rearrange the declarations a bit and correct a couple of 
> spelling/cut-n-paste 
> issues, but it looks fine. I went ahead and committed the code and gave you 
> credit.

Thanks! Please forgive my n00b question: where exactly did it go? I
don't see it in the Emacs git, neither master nor emacs-26. Perhaps I'm
not searching for it correctly?

> I took care of this. Basically the font-lock variables have long lists of 
> keywords, 
> functions, and data types that are converted at build time to a massive 
> regexp.
> I updated the lists from the MySQL and MariaDB documentation. Let me know if 
> you find any of the highlighting to be distracting or seeming incorrect. 
> Without a 
> serious increase in complexity of the matching, there will always be some odd 
> cases.

Thanks. Perhaps I could have phrased it better - I'm a casual user WRT
SQL in general. I understood once I saw the list of keywords what was
eventually going to happen to the list of words. I'm not entirely sure
why I didn't grok 'add the new keywords to the list' - I somehow got a
mental image of a much more drastic undertaking. I could have done that
if I had been able to read properly! :)

> Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate your contribution.

Thank you for taking it.

> Happy Hacking!

And to you as well.

~Robert Cochran

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