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Re: Emacs Hangs on Filesystem Operations on Stale NFS

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: Emacs Hangs on Filesystem Operations on Stale NFS
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018 11:26:55 -0600
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try: proc = subprocess.call('stat ' + path,

You're sending SIGALRM to the _parent_, not the (possibly-frozen) stat(1) child. Of course that works; you're just interrupting normal pipe I/O with (or wait(2) on) the child.

Emacs can't possibly do all of its file operations in subprocesses. A complete redesign might allow the "process per tab" model used in some modern browsers, but that would break much of existing Lisp. It might just be possible to have a "file server process" that could be killed and reincarnated as needed, but I wouldn't want to promise much about performance (and support for concurrent I/O).

Incidentally, don't mix call() and communicate(), and avoid "shell=True", especially when the replacement is easier:

  proc = subprocess.Popen(['stat', path],

[From a later message:]

There are plenty of other ways why those file operations might hang.
For example, [1].


The (single, accepted) answer there says that it was an LDAP issue looking up user/group names. That's not a file operation at all.


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